This is a special room in which we will create the WHOAMI magazine in a fun and unconventional way.
The magazine takes the metaphor of a castle housing 8 different chambers. Each chamber will focus on a different topic that will illustrate the Whoami world with its unique perspective. You will learn to make an at-home original and printable magazine, proposing a format, designing a cover and layout, and choosing content. All this while interacting and collaborating with others! Ready?


1. BRAINSTORMING TIME! (2 weeks) 15-1 November  

Get inspired from the world around you! This challenge is to generate as many ideas as possible using different methods to come up with a unique format for our magazine.

2. CHOOSE YOUR CHAMBER (4 weeks) 2- 29 November

We imagine our magazine as a timeless and placeless castle with different chambers. Each chamber represents a topic related of the WHOAMI world. The challenge here is to come up with an intriguing story for the magazine. How do you excite your readers?

3. THE WHOAMI MAGAZINE(2 weeks) 1-15 December

In this challenge you will complete, refine and print your own WHOAMI magazine.