some answers to your questions

Are there fees to play or get the information about myself (personal profile)?
No. The whole system is free of charge.

Can anyone play or are there any limits?
Anyone can play (as long as he or she likes it).

The rooms are facebook-based. Is there a way to play without having to access facebook?
No. For the time being, facebook is the game’s platform.

When do I win?
You win when you discover who you are!

What do I win?
Your prize is to know who you are.

For how long can I play in the room?
You can stay in the room as much as you like! The rooms close only when new rooms open.

Can I play in different rooms at the same time?

Who are the gamemaster?
4 very talented and available designers (qualities that rarely blend together). They are from Italy and abroad.

Why do you set up such a thing for free?
To test and prototype the possibility of a new way to share knowledge between people. It is an experiment, we are curious to see how it works (and how it doesn’t).

Can I play on the digital platform without ever coming to Abadir in Sicily?
Of course, it’s as you wish! You can play on the digital platform and take part in Abadir’s workshops or chose one or the other!

How much do the Abadir’s workshops cost?
They are free of charge but the participants need to pay their trip and lodging.

I have some ideas on new themes. Are you opened to proposals regarding new rooms to play in?
Yes of course. Send your ideas and proposals to:

What do you do with the data collected from the players?
Nothing besides putting them on WHOAMI’s community page. As stated above, this is an experiment. We are curious to see if and how it works, if people like it and so on.

If you have other questions, please write to