intensive course
The Artisan and the New Semantic Codes
The Artisan and the New Semantic Codes is a Module within the Master Relational Design and takes place from September 25 to October 18, 2014.

Ranging from Kitchen Stories to Good Company, the Course researches visual sociology in order to cast light on the mutual relation between person and landscape, through the objects and codes of craftsmanship.

Firstly, students locate a craftsman next door and spend three days with him, analyzing his modus vivendi and acquiring the vocabulary of his modus operandi. Secondly, they recount the unicity and identity of the artisan by opening a dedicated page on a social network - which shapes up as a visual mythology of the artisan. Finally, they design a product for the local merchandising, which follows the visual code created on the social network, to preserve the reciprocity between product and cultural context of reference.

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