master program
Relational Design 2
Relational Design 2 is a Master Program taking place from January 4, 2014 to December 4, 2015.

It consists of 12 independent Modules of 24 days each, composed of an offline and online part.

The Program aims to provide a set of skills relating to new aspects of design in a contemporary world. It is threefold: a set of competences overlapping a variety of practices and attitudes through which new projects can originate and interact while keeping an eye on tradition.

The Master intends to craft a new professional who is able to intercept and intersect the needs and wishes of an ever-changing market and society. This designer is capable of comprehending traditional practices while inserting new digital frontiers.

On completion of the Program, students will have renewed their understanding and thus succeed in connecting different actors and stakeholders that define contemporary design.

Learn more on the official website of the Master Program and social media channels Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | Instagram.