intensive course
Architecture 101 (part 2)
Architecture 101 is an introduction to space and architecture through 101 exercises. A six-month journey divided into 3 courses “online” on iversity (part 1, part 2 and part 3), one final exhibition / graduation party. If you are still alive after all of this daunting process, there will be a one-week workshop “offline”, where we will go one step beyond.

In short:

Part 1: From Nothingness to Place (Jan 5 to Feb 28)
Part 2: From Place to Space (Mar 2 to Apr 25)
Part 3: From Space to Architecture (Apr 27 to Jun 20)

Exhibition / Graduation at Abadir, in Sicily (Jun 19 to Jun 21, when we set up our fancy exhibition)
Workshop: Architecture 101 Summer Camp at Abadir, in Sicily (Jun 22 to Jun 26, when we build for real).

In part 1 of our course, we explore the state of nothingness and start moving towards the idea of “place”. In part 2, we deal with the concept of “place” and our conceptual journey goes on towards “space”.

In this part of the course, we will understand what kind of matter surrounds us and how this matters to us. What matters? This is what we will need to find out.

Then, we will try to define the boundaries of this matter at hand. Adding a new dimension to the whole thing, we will put ourselves into context. A physical and a mental context. All of this, using a “hands-on” system (you will learn by doing).

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