Whoami is an educational project created by Abadir and IdLab in the interest of adapting education to a changing world.

Therefore a new design approach has been developed, which uses the mechanics and dynamics of new media communications to enable easier learning processes, better involvement and participation, as to create a community that stimulates collaborative and open attitudes.

Whoami is an embodiment of the blended learning model, aiming at a quality education for a student who is active and responsible in building his own knowledge, one who is able to do and to choose his path first hand.

Whoami is a method that produces an integrated educational experience, organized on two levels: a digital one on the online platform, and a physical one based on a shifting structure (workshops, lectures, intensive lab sessions and other interactive formats).

The education is offered in various forms - travelling master courses that involve online and offline activities, MOOCs, thematic projects and cooperation efforts with schools and businesses.

Whoami is active in the contemporary design world and connects professionals, businesses, places and systems for enabling designers to deal with a world in constant transformation.

Abadir is a private Academy legally recognized by the Ministry of Education and Research (MIUR).

In 2010, twenty years after its foundation, it inaugurated a new Design Department, aiming at the creation of a dynamic experimental school, in which traditional disciplines meet new approaches and local culture intersects with the international sphere; a school able to deal with an evolving world.
The school is based in Catania.

IdLab is active in the design world, it focuses on education and the likely transformations new media will bring to the field.

The company creates complex designs blending innovative solutions and services that include aspects of aesthetics, language, communications, education, marketing, strategic consulting.
IdLab spawned from the Interaction Design Lab, spin­off from the Interaction Design Institute of Ivrea (IDII).
The company is based in Milan.