Between the Sea and the Sky

A month-long summer camp that started online on July 14 2014 and moved offline from August 4 to August 9 2014 with Francesco Librizzi, Stefano Mirti and the Design 101 team.

In (and around) the ancient Sicilian city of Siracusa, we made architecture, we made space.
 A very special space: between the land and the sea, but at the same time between the sea and the sky. Let’s say: between the land and the sea. Below the sky.

We used architecture as a tool to convert a place into a state of mind.

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Here, the final booklets of our work produced online!

Aristotelis Triantis’s booklet
Dina Pugaeva’s booklet
Dorothea Kunzendorf’s booklet
Dragica Nikolovska’s booklet
EiriniP Petrocheilou’s booklet
Filip Goc’s booklet
Giulia Saporito’s booklet
Janet Urbina's booklet
Karen Lili’s booklet
Karla Rivera’s booklet
Kristina Neral booklet
Maria Symeonidou booklet
Mariela Cordero Garcia’s booklet
Mario Pertile’s booklet
Mark David’s booklet
Mirielle Robles’ booklet
Myrto Dokou’s booklet
Namkhang Anomasiri’s booklet
Patricia Vieira Vizagre’s booklet
Petra Tikulin’s booklet
Raphael T. Deinert’s booklet
Raquel Ninot Largo’s booklet
Rebecca Porras’ booklet
Silva Kuha’s booklet
Tayyaba Sarwar’s booklet
Viviane Becker’s booklet

06. Six Days Together (video)

05. #Mission4 (video + pdf letter + program + pdf presentation)

04. #Mission3 (video + pdf letter)

03. #Mission2 (video + pdf letter)

02. #Mission1 (video + pdf letter)

01.1. Message from the teachers, the shorter version... :-)

01. Message from the teachers (video + pdf letter)

00. Trailer (video + pdf letter)

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